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SEO for Law Firms: Promoting Your Law Firm Web Site or Blog

By M.R. Kennedy

An important part of blogging success is getting your blog registered with search engines and directories so that it gets traction on the web. Once you have launched your law firm web, blog, or hybrid site, be sure to spend the time to get it listed and indexed in all the right places. The best places are specific to your area of expertise. Having said that, below are some of the most important places to list your blog that will give you the most bang for the buck. They are listed in order of relative importance.

Spending the extra time to register your law blog and RSS feed with the following is worth it. Don't consider your blog fully launched until you do the following. Most of these are free. Some have costs associated with them. They are all recommended, but you must make the decision on how much you want to spend promoting your blog.

The Top Tier:

Requisite Lawyer Directories:

Go Social — Start a:

... and participate fully, include links to your web site, blog, and web bio page and relevant articles on your web site.

Get listed with a link to your web site and/or bio from:

  • Bar Associations you belong to...
  • Trade Associations you belong to...
  • Chamber of Commerce web sites, etc.
  • Any Attorney-ranking lists to which you've been named

Your online peers

Ask friends or colleagues who are also bloggers, to add you to their blog roll, or to link, mention, comment on a post of yours that is relevant to his or her readers.

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By Mary Kennedy, December 2008.


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